Picture of the Handmade 8in Snakewood Damascus Steel Japanese Kitchen Chef Knife with leather Sheath
Close up showing the snakewood handle with a copper finishing as well as the Damascus steel patterns on the Chef knife
7Picture showing the features of the unique best Japanese chef knife
Diagram showcasing the handle and design of the Japanese chef knife
picture if the full view including the handle and leather sheath
Full view of the free leather sheath included in your purchase
Handmade 8in Snakewood Handle Damascus Steel Japanese Kitchen Chef Knife with leather Sheath

The Copper Snake 8" Chef knife

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Custom engraving available on request (email)- it can be given as a gift or even personalized for your own collection. Imagine a gorgeous premium knife engraved with your name on it! I mean who doesn't love their own name, right? Italian hand stitched leather sheath included for only $1

  • This high-end Japanese 8 inch Damascus steel Chef knife is a true work of art. The blade has been carefully designed to give you that sleek edge that is razor sharp and can be used for all kitchen tasks, especially when handling fish and meat
  • The handle is made of snakewood, one of the most aesthetically unique exotic woods in the world. Each handle is unique and is finished off with a high quality copper to give it that sexy feel in your hand with that little sparkle. 
  • The hand stitched leather sheath is designed using 3 types of leather which gives it that premium look found nowhere else. It uses python, crocodile and cow hide which is often used in the creation of high end products found in designer stores.

Will the knife be the same as shown the pictures? 

We focus on making high-end handmade knives. The natural texture of wood specifically snakewood is ALL UNIQUE.

Product Description:
Blade Material
Layers Damascus steel
Handle Material
Blade Hardness
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