Wall Mounted Storage Container Boxes

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If youre looking for an easy way to store and organize all your spices, the Wall Mounted Storage Container Box for Salt Sugar is the perfect solution. This two-pack of sleek, clear containers is designed to be mounted to walls, cupboards, or shelves for a convenient, space-saving storage solution.
Crafted from durable, food-grade plastic, these containers are perfect for organizing your kitchen essentials. The clear construction makes it easy to identify whats inside without having to open the containers. Each container comes with an easy-to-open, airtight lid to keep your spices and seasonings fresh. Enjoy easy access to all your spices!


Space-Saving Design: The Container Box is designed to save space in your kitchen. By mounting the container on the wall, you can free up valuable counter and cabinet space.

Clear and Convenient: The container is made of clear plastic, allowing you to easily see the contents of the bottle. This makes it easy to find the spice or seasoning you need, without having to dig through a cluttered spice drawer or cabinet.

Easy to Install: The container comes with mounting hardware, making it easy to install on any wall in your kitchen. The container is also easy to remove and reattach, so you can take it down and clean it as needed.

Versatile Storage: The container is designed to hold two bottles of your favorite salt, spice, or seasoning. It's perfect for storing commonly used items like salt and sugar, but can also be used to store other seasonings and herbs.
  • Packaging:>10
  • Capacity:201-300ml
  • Size:M, 10.4*9*10.4cm
  • Plastic Type:ABS; PU; PVC
  • Weight:0.24KG
  • Single package size: 25X20X25 cm
  • Single gross weight:0.500 kg