Sealing Clips with Pour Spouts

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Stop worrying about your snacks going stale and keep them fresher for longer with these Sealing Clips with Pour Spouts. Made from high-quality plastic material, these bag clips are designed to help you easily and quickly seal bags with pour spouts while preventing the mess of spilled food. These multi-purpose clips are perfect for kitchen chip bags, cereal bags, and more.
The unique design of these clips allows them to be easily opened and closed with a simple press, providing a tight seal that prevents spills and keeps food fresher. The plastic cap sealer clips are also great for sealing bottles, jars, and other containers. With these clips, youll no longer have to worry about your snacks going stale or spilling all over the floor. 


Food Storage Convenience: These snack bag sealing clips provide a simple and easy way to store food items. They feature pour spouts that allow you to pour the contents of the bag without needing to remove the clip, making it a great kitchen accessory.

Versatile Use: The Clips are perfect for sealing all kinds of bags, from potato chips to cereal, and can also be used to seal bags containing non-food items like documents or crafting supplies. 

Air-Tight Seal: The Sealer Clips create a tight seal that helps to preserve the freshness of your food. They prevent air and moisture from entering the bag, which can cause food to spoil quickly. This feature makes them a must-have for any household.

Easy to Use: These sealing clips are incredibly easy to use. Simply slide the clip onto the bag and adjust it to create a tight seal. They are also easy to remove when you need to access the contents of the bag.

  • Function:snack clip
  • Single package size: 20X20X5 cm
  • Single gross weight:0.800 kg
  • Package Type:1pcs/opp bag