Full view showing knife, sheath and handle of the Japanese Nakiri Damascus steel knife
Close up of the Black wood handle Nakiri Damascus steel knife
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Close up of the handmade leather sheath with copper skull seal
Top view of Japanese Nakiri Damascus steel knife with sheath
Black Japanese Nakiri Damascus steel knife in free sheath
Nakiri Knife Cleaver
Close up view of the Japanese Nakiri Damascus steel blade showing the patters
Nakiri Knife Cleaver

The Black Panther 2 Japanese 8"Nakiri Knife

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Custom engraving available (email us for more details) and it comes with a hand sewn tanned leather sheath with a copper seal for only $1- it can be given as a gift or even personalized for your own collection. Imagine a gorgeous premium knife engraved with your name on it! I mean who doesn't love their own name, right? 

This is one of our personal favorites if you're into Japanese knives - also knows as the black panthers big brother. The black, carefully designed handle adds a uniqueness found nowhere else and the slight curve ensures the perfect cut on every stroke. This blade consists of 103 layers of hand-forged Damascus steel with a vg10 core making it a prized possession for any cook.

Will the knife be the same as shown the pictures? 

We focus on making high-end handmade knives. The natural texture of wood and forged Damascus steel are different from each other. Each knife, before shipment has to pass three quality control tests.


  • VG10 Steel:  Stainless Steel produced in Japan. The name stands for V Gold 10 ("gold" meaning quality). Made by Takefu Special Steel Company, VG10 steel is a favourite by chefs for its balance as a hard working knife and durability in that its edge can withstand long shifts. Typically, the steel has a HRC of 60. The unique Damascus wavy pattern showcases the stunning craftsmanship and artistic personality
  • Beautiful Aesthetic: We like to keep this knife a treasure amongst your other knives by supplying you a complimentary handmade tanned leather sheath that will age over time like a fine wine adding to its incredible beauty to keep it in pristine condition. 
  • Hammered Surfacewith beautiful and changeable lines on it, the ancient Japanese technique prevents vegetables from sticking to the surface of the knife making it a DREAM to cut with. It will honestly be a work of art in your kitchen.
  • High Rust Resistance: With VG10 you get the hardness of carbon steel but the corrosion resistance of stainless. This makes it great for frequently used cooking knives.
  • Gorgeous Handle:  The handle is hand polished by experienced craftsmen. The ergonomic handle design will create a comfortable grip and provide you with the best agility of cutting. The slight curve in the handle ensures the perfect slice every single time regardless of your preferred grip. The groove at the base of the knife allows your index finger to fit perfectly when holding the knife.
  • Easy to clean: A simple brush of the knife with a wet sponge does the trick. Please remember to dry the knife properly to take care of it. 
  • Awesome gift: Damascus kitchen chef knife arrives with an elegant gift box, making it the perfect present for your partner, parents, chefs, friends or even to spoil yourself! 


A Nakiri knife (the idea vegetable knife) is a classic Japanese style knife with a straight, symmetrical flat edge blade shape that is most commonly used for slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables. Its main feature is its straight blade, which encourages a specific style of cutting

Product Description
Blade Material
103 Layers Damascus steel (VG10 core)
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