Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath
Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath
Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath
Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath

Red Lilly Folding 3.7" Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath

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Introducing the Knife, the ultimate outdoor survival and camping companion. Crafted with a high-grade Damascus steel blade and a beautiful wooden handle, this folding pocket knife is perfect for tactical and hunting applications. Boasting high-quality construction, this knife is made to last, providing superior cutting performance and reliable durability.
The ergonomic design of the handle ensures a secure, comfortable grip, while the included leather sheath keeps the blade safe during transport and storage. Whether you’re out camping or hunting, this Knife is the perfect tool for any outdoor adventure.


High-Quality Materials: The blade is made of Damascus steel, known for its superior durability and sharpness, making it ideal for outdoor survival, camping, and hunting. The handle is made of wood, adding to its unique and stylish appearance.

Multipurpose Knife: This folding knife is designed for a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, hunting, and survival. Its sharp blade and durable construction make it an ideal tool for cutting, slicing, and piercing.

Compact and Portable: The folding design of the knife makes it compact and easy to carry with you wherever you go. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities and everyday carry (EDC). The leather sheath included with the knife adds an extra layer of protection and makes it easy to attach to a belt or backpack.

Secure Grip: The wood handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, even in wet or slippery conditions. This allows for safe and precise handling of the knife, making it an ideal tool for hunting and outdoor activities.
Blade Material
67 layers damascus steel
Handle Material
Handmade rosewood handle
Sheath Material
First layer of cowhide
Blade Hardness
60±2 HRC
Overall Length
Blade Length
Blade Thickness
Blade Width
Net Weight