Butter Dish Cutter Box With Fork

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This Butter Dish Cutter Box With Fork is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of being able to cut, store, and serve butter in one easy-to-use box. With its unique design, this set makes it easy to cut and store butter, cheese, and other condiments.
The fork is designed to make perfect slices of butter, cheese, and other condiments. The butter dish is perfect for keeping butter fresh and convenient for serving. The top lid keeps everything neatly stored away. This set also makes a great gift for family and friends.


Multipurpose Use: This set can be used for storing, cutting, and serving butter, cheese, or other spreads. It is perfect for use during breakfast, brunch, or dinner, and adds an elegant touch to your table.

Convenient Design: The butter dish cutter box features a convenient design that allows you to store butter or cheese on one side and a built-in cutting tool on the other. The included fork makes it easy to serve your favorite spread.

High-Quality Material: The set is made from high-quality, food-grade plastic that is safe, durable, and easy to clean. It is also dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Attractive Appearance: The sleek design and clear plastic material of the butter dish cutter box set make it an attractive addition to any table setting. It also allows you to easily see the contents of the container.


  • Color:Yellow
  • Size:19.2*10.8*7.7cm
  • Single package size: 35X25X25 cm
  • Single gross weight:0.800 kg